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"Ann-Christin is a real find! If I sing her praise too much I won´t be able to get an appointment...but she´s fantastic!

In only 2 sessions she "fixed" my back after moving furniture, also possibly later saved me from an operation. I´m sure it was with her help, that realigning everything to allow my body to heal itself. Her sensitivity and insight into how your body reacts to patterns in life and impacts on the structure and functioning is fascinating & enlightening. A learning and magical process with her every time! 10 stars and more."

Julia G.

"I've long had lower back problems due to bad posture and the nature of my work. Seeing Ann-Christin has really helped to address these issues and prevent them from happening so frequently in the future. Her knowledge and expertise really showed through in the care she took to understand my symptoms and treatment she provided me. I can't recommend her highly enough."


Ross P.

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